Healthy Alternatives For a Thanksgiving Dinner

//Healthy Alternatives For a Thanksgiving Dinner
Healthy Alternatives, Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is a beautiful holiday that brings loved ones together. It’s a day to make merry and memories with love, laughter, happiness, family and being thankful for it all. Thanksgiving, like any other holiday, is incomplete without a good meal shared with near and dear ones. The traditional Thanksgiving meal is something everyone looks forward to. But hey! Is a holiday meal an excuse to eat unhealthy?

Well, your Thanksgiving meal can be just as tasty and flavorful, as a traditional one, but also healthy. Here are some healthy alternatives that you can serve this Thanksgiving:

  •  Sweet Potato Soup

Sweet potatoes are very rich in nutrients and extremely flavorful. With no dairy products, a sweet potato soup is rich in taste, light on the stomach and the perfect way to start the heart meal ahead.

  • Kale or Spinach Salad

The goodness of kale cannot be missed! A kale salad is healthy, tasty and the perfect starter or even a side dish. Just add a little pecorino cheese and flavorful red chili flakes and serve the healthiest greens! If you prefer Spinach, add some sprouts and olive oil seasoning and you are all set to indulge!

  • Brussel Sprouts/Sweet potatoes and Maple

Roasted Brussel sprouts with a dash of maple and just the right amount of pancetta is the perfect burst of flavors! It’s healthy, extremely tasty and a definite hit amongst your guests. You could also glaze sweet potatoes with maple for a blend of flavor and health.

  • Pumpkin Maple Pie

It’s Thanksgiving and it’s incomplete without the perfect sweet in the end! A pumpkin maple pie is a healthier alternative to traditional pies as it is low on fat and rich on nutrition. It can be prepared with fat-free milk and you can also enjoy the pie without any dessert topping.

While Thanksgiving is all about the food, especially the Turkey, many people are opting for non-turkey meals. If you do want to have the traditional turkey, a simple rosemary turkey recipe is healthier and tasty. The key to a healthy Thanksgiving dinner is knowing the right alternatives without having to compromise on the taste. For example, if the kids want chips, instead of potato, serve Kale chips or for dessert replace something like an ice cream or a mousse with fruit flavored yogurts.

Are you all set to have a delicious yet healthy Thanksgiving? Happy Prepping; Happy Thanksgiving.