Making Sure That Your Pharmacy Store is the Best One!

//Making Sure That Your Pharmacy Store is the Best One!
Making Sure That Your Pharmacy Store is the Best One!

Pharmacy stores might not sound as glamorous as most of the other businesses around, but they sue are more important than most of them. But, with a lot of competitors in the market, how do you make your pharmacy store stand apart?

Here are a few ways that might help you showcase your store as the best one in the market:

Explain the Dosages

While doctors always tell their patients what the medicines are for, and how many times a day they have to take it – you being a pharmacist could also do the same. Better yet, you could use small chits to write the dosage-related information on the medicine, and stick them to the medicine leaf or bottle. You could also tell them again, how the medicine would help them. This way, you could show a little extra care for your customers.

Free home delivery

Since time immemorial we have always expected our local shopkeepers to deliver products at our place because we are one of their most appreciated customers! Today, e-commerce has made free home delivery a commonplace thing. People are so used to getting things delivered right to their doorstep, that local businesses are taking a huge hit. And with the advent of online pharmacy stores, the local pharmacies to feel the need to keep up their pace. So, if you want to keep a strong footing in the market, and not lose your customer base, you should definitely offer home delivery as a freebie.

Offer Discounts

A lot of pharmacies attract their customers by giving good discounts. A 5 -10% discount on medicines, at least for all your regular customers can do wonders for your business!

Make Your Store Look Good

While window shopping might only be true for shops that sell clothes or books, pharmacies could still use a little more charm! People today don’t look at pharmacy store as just another medicine-selling store – it’s more than that. Make your store look a more attractive, and a bit fancier. This will certainly give people a reason to actually enter your store and look around.

Social Media Marketing

Not just everyone, but everything today has a Facebook account. So, why shouldn’t you? It’s one thing to provide great service to your people and make your customer base both stronger and more loyal to your store. But it’s a whole new thing to have your customer base broadened. And that can only be possible with a strong social media presence! Be it Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or one of the many amazing social media sites, you have to keep yourself active on at least a few of these. Not only can you put up great content on these sites – be it videos, images, or simply write something for your potential customers – but you can actually get a real-time feedback from existing customers. You can improve on your gray areas, work on giving a better service, and know exactly what’s going right for you, or something that might not be going your way at all!

Other than these few ways, there are also a lot of other things you could do side-by-side, like have a custom-made website as well as the mobile application that would cater to your customers in a more personalized way. You could even have people pay you online, and that would again make your business become more cashless.

There are a lot of methods that you can give a try. At the end of it though, only one thing matters the most – and that is serving your customers right and keeping them happy.