Tips to Help Kids Overcome Fear of Needle Shots

//Tips to Help Kids Overcome Fear of Needle Shots
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A good vaccine for kids can do wonders, however lots of children are not that fond of needle vaccinations. Even if they heard that a flu shot could be beneficial for them, the hassle of dealing with needles makes them run away scared. How can you help your child overcome his fear of needle shots? Here are some great pointers for parents to focus on.

Offer a reward

In order for your child to get the flu shot, make sure that you offer a reward after the process is finished. Even the smallest incentive can work very well, and your child will have something to look forward to once he/she gets the best vaccine for kids. These vaccines are safe, and the focus is on protecting your child and boosting the overall immunity.

Bring in immediate relief

The good idea is to keep your child seated in your lap for a few minutes if needed. Some children can get dizzy after a flu shot. Rub the injection site a bit, and then you can even apply ice if you want. Doctors state that using painkillers for kids is not recommended because this will have a direct impact on the shot. Which is obviously something that you want to avoid.

Let the nurse take over

There’s no denying some kids will end up overreacting to flu shots. They do this to get a response from their parents. If your child does something like that, the good idea is to leave the room briefly and let the nurse do her job. Or you can sit in the corner if you want, but let the professionals handle this situation.

Prepare for the flu shot

If you apply some anesthetic cream on your child’s arm, any vaccine for kids will not hurt that much. Talk to the doctor, see the recommended brand and start using that. Plus, you can also do various funny faces or anything that may distract your child during the flu shot.

Don’t offer a lot of details about the vaccine for kids

Yes, lots of people do this, and it’s a bad thing for sure. You don’t want to scare your child with the details. You just have to go with your child and let him take the vaccine. The more you talk about it, the more frightening the experience will be for your child.

Tell the truth

You can’t say that the vaccine for kids will be a pleasant experience. However, you have to tell your child that a vaccine is indeed needed and it can keep him/her healthy. Telling the truth is very important, especially if you want your child to understand that this is a necessity.

Make sure that you tell the truth to your child and stick to the ideas and guidelines listed above. Yes, it can be tricky to prepare your child for any flu shot or vaccine, but these ideas will help alleviate the pain and keep your child healthy. Use them right away and adapt them if necessary. It will be a great experience in the end if you can use these tips the right way!