Visiting a Pharmacy? Here’s how you make the Most of it!

//Visiting a Pharmacy? Here’s how you make the Most of it!
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Visiting a pharmacy wouldn’t be something unfamiliar for almost anyone. Not just your prescribed medicines, but getting so many other things to usually require one to visit their nearest pharmacist. But, somehow the question is that how do you make most of that visit?

If a pharmacist is only expected to sell you the prescribed medicines, then how do you make your experience better at a pharmacy store?

Here are some ways in which you can make your visit to see one of the most regulated professions, more meaningful:

  • As you go to the pharmacy store, first make sure that you have all the basic information collected from your doctor’s office. That means, your prescription shouldn’t just have the names of the medicines, but the dosages as well. If necessary, they should also give instruction on the refills that you might have to get in the future. This will help you know which medicine you need to ask the pharmacist for, and in what quantity.
  • Other thing to know is the reason behind you having got that prescription. So, you should have some basic knowledge of how exactly the medicine(s) would help you get healthy. But in this case, even if you don’t have that information, your pharmacist would have a good idea of how the medicine works. Therefore in this case, you can easily clear most of your doubts with the pharmacist.
  • Now, in case the pharmacist does not have that exact medicine, in that case too, they have a pretty good idea of the workings of every medicine, which helps them give you a similar drug instead of the exact same one. So, you do seldom ever walk out of a pharmacy store without your medicine.
  • Now, we all do ask our doctors, or better still – our doctors themselves tell us how many times a day we should take a particular medicine. But, our memory and almost every doctor’s handwriting can fail us any time. So, what do you do at such times? Your pharmacist will come to your rescue if that happens. Because if the doctor has given you, and they must have, you’re dosage in writing, then your pharmacy guy will of course be able to read it. And at a good pharmacy, you will find them sticking tiny slips of dosage information to your medicine leaves or bottles.
  • Also, once you get your medicines, and you have to get a refill on them after some days, try to go to the same pharmacist as before. This will also help the pharmacy to have a record of your medication profile. This will further help you in case you ever lose your own prescription file, or need a medicine in emergency, in which case you can simply ask the pharmacist to check their records and find the name of your medicine.
  • Having your record of medicines also gives your pharmacist a good idea of the ailment that you might be going through. And that in turn could be of benefit to you, as they could tell you some of the preventive measures you could take, or suggest you something that could aid in making you healthier. They might even have certain medical accessories (hot bottle, walker, etc.) that they could inform you about, which could further help you walk your road to recovery that much faster.

Visiting a pharmacy should always be easy, as well as rewarding. Healthcare system in today’s age has transformed so much, and especially with pharmacy stores such as Universal Health Centre, most of the worries have literally taken a backseat! So, visit your nearest Universal Health Centre pharmacy store today, and let us play a role in your journey towards good health!