What should you know about flu shots?

//What should you know about flu shots?
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Flu shots are beneficial for both adult & children, but what do you know about them? Here are some of the most important things to know about flu shots and how important they are for immunization and keeping you and your family healthy!

Both you and your children should get a flu shot as soon as they are available

Why is this needed? Because the sooner you get this, the faster you will receive proper protection. Plus, your child is sensitive most likely, which means that vaccination will help boost his/her immune system as fast as possible. Which is, obviously, the best way to deal with this kind of issue.

Flu shots are mandatory for some people

There are specific categories like persons with heart problems, weak immune systems, asthma and lung diseases that need a flu shot right away for proper immunization. The same thing is valid for babies; they have a weak immunity and flu can easily affect them.

Nasal sprays aren’t an option anymore

That worked for some people, but a flu shot will make it a lot easier for you to boost your health and take it to new heights. Make sure that you talk with the pharmacist if you dislike needles; they may find a way to make the process simpler for you.

You won’t have to get a flu shot if you have allergic reactions

Yes, proper immunization isn’t mandatory only for those persons that have allergic reactions. The focus here is to make sure that you stay healthy and first in no time so that a proper flu shot will be helpful. But only people with allergies should avoid vaccination, for other people this is mandatory.

Modern flu shots don’t have thimerosal

This is a compound used in old flu shots, and it was said to be linked to autism. Research has shown that is not the case, and the best part in here is that it was completely removed from modern vaccination products. So, there’s no need to worry about any potential side effects that may appear.

Can you catch the flu from a vaccine?

There’s a misconception which states that you could catch the flu during this immunization process. But that is false, because the virus in this vaccine is inactive. While there can be side effects for some people, you can rest assured that you can’t get the flu from this.

You can get a flu shot in Calgary at local pharmacy

Yes, local pharmacies are offering vaccination for adults and kinds above 9 years. It’s a great way to offer proper immunization to your family without a lot of effort. You can visit any Universal Health Pharmacy to get a flu shot.

One thing is certain, getting a flu shot in Calgary is the best way to avoid getting the fly and dealing with sickness shortly. While it can be a bit challenging to get used to the vaccination process, it is a necessity, and it will boost your immune system’s power in no time. Plus, you don’t have to worry about getting the flu from this vaccination process, as the virus is inactive. So, there are only benefits from getting a flu shot!